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Family Therapy

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a couple sits together in their family therapy program and talks to a therapist about their issuesIt’s important to remember that addiction doesn’t just impact the person with the condition. It can also have a profound effect on the people in their lives. Exploring and strengthening family relationships is essential to an effective addiction therapy program. If you’re recovering from a substance use disorder, family therapy is a powerful tool for identifying unhelpful family dynamics and improving how family members communicate. 

Vertava Health of Mississippi Outpatient is an outpatient addiction treatment center. Our family therapy program in Mississippi helps address the impact of addiction and empowers family members to move toward healthier relationships. Call 888.498.2376 today to learn more about family therapy at Vertava Health of Mississippi Outpatient. 

The Benefits of a Family Counseling Program 

Family relationships are complicated. Family members learn coping and communication skills from one another, and these often contribute to dysfunctional family dynamics. Past hurts and resentments often have a direct impact on how family members view one another and interact. 

Family therapy helps guide family members to: 

  • Establish new family dynamics 
  • Learn to navigate conflict 
  • Improve communication skills 
  • Gain a deeper understanding of one another 
  • Increase levels of empathy 
  • Understand different family members’ perspectives 
  • Address issues from the past 

A family counseling program offers an environment in which to explore family dynamics, address unresolved issues, and identify healthy and more constructive ways for family members to interact with one another. 

How a Family Therapy Program Aids in Addiction Recovery 

Family relationships are directly related to addiction in more ways than one. The family dynamics people are exposed to as children often set the stage for how they communicate, cope with their emotions and interact with others as adults. 

When family members come together under a therapist’s guidance, they’re able to explore the unhelpful aspects of how they relate to one another and learn the skills to strengthen their relationships while supporting one another’s mental and emotional well-being. 

Addiction can cause hurt and confusion in many ways. Family support groups for addiction offer a structured environment where family members can bring up past resentments and hurts, take accountability for their actions, and gain a deeper understanding of one another. 

Substance use can be confusing to family members who haven’t experienced it themselves. Family therapy sessions also provide addiction education, helping ensure that all members of a family unit understand what addiction is, why it’s challenging to overcome, and how to support a loved one in recovery. 

How a Family Counseling Program Helps Families 

Participating in family support groups for addiction isn’t always easy. Often, it means addressing matters that have never been openly spoken about. However, learning to deal with uncomfortable emotions and engage in difficult conversations is one of the best skills that a family can develop. 

Issues commonly addressed in family therapy sessions include: 

  • Spousal relationships 
  • Parent-child relationships 
  • Sibling relationships 
  • Infidelity 
  • Trauma 
  • Financial problems 
  • Mental health concerns 
  • Parenting approaches 
  • Differing values 

The lessons learned in a few family therapy sessions often have a transformative effect on how members of a family unit understand one another and interact. When loved ones are willing to put in the work, they benefit by building stronger, more positive relationships. 

Contact Vertava Health of Mississippi Outpatient for Help Enrolling in Family Support Groups for Addiction 

Vertava Health of Mississippi Outpatient sees firsthand how healing family relationships can be a powerful tool in addiction recovery. Our family therapy program is available to clients and their loved ones. The experienced family therapists we employ provide a safe environment so that family members can do the work to transform their relationships for the better. 

Our family therapy program in Mississippi helps families heal the past and move toward a better future. Contact us at 888.498.2376 today to learn more about the family therapy program at Vertava Health of Mississippi Outpatient.