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Outpatient addiction treatment is an essential part of every individual’s recovery journey. Whether you’ve recently completed a residential program or been in recovery for a while but need additional support, outpatient addiction treatment programs offer accountability and professional care that can help keep your recovery on track.

Vertava Health of Mississippi Outpatient offers comprehensive substance use treatment services, including outpatient drug rehab in Mississippi. You can learn more by calling 888.498.2376 and asking about the outpatient treatment services offered at Vertava Health of Mississippi Outpatient.

The Importance of an Outpatient Addiction Treatment Program

The services offered at an outpatient addiction treatment program are essential to effective substance use treatment. Outpatient treatment is typically recommended in a few different situations.

The most common of these include:

  • After completion of a residential program
  • After a relapse
  • When an individual needs additional recovery support
  • When substance use doesn’t merit residential treatment
  • When personal circumstances make residential care impossible

Participating in a program at an outpatient treatment center is an essential part of any substance use treatment program. For some individuals, outpatient drug rehab in Mississippi may be the only treatment option available because of finances, personal obligations, or the severity of the addiction.

What to Expect at Our Outpatient Treatment Center in Mississippi

Our outpatient treatment center in Mississippi is designed to offer support and accountability for individuals overcoming substance use disorders.

Outpatient care is typically recommended for those who have already completed a residential treatment program. Our outpatient program provides a space for clients to meet, discuss the challenges and triumphs of early recovery, and receive feedback that can help continue to strengthen their recovery journey.

Outpatient sessions meet multiple times a week and offer flexible scheduling designed to accommodate work and family responsibilities. We offer varying levels of flexibility through our intensive outpatient program as well as our day treatment program. Clients enrolled in our outpatient program build relationships with the lead therapist and peers in the program.

Sessions offer the opportunity for clients to discuss matters such as:

  • Challenges to recovery
  • Triggers
  • Mental and emotional health challenges and other co-occurring disorders
  • Coping and communication skills
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Recovery goals

Regular meetings encourage a sense of community and accountability. As a natural continuation of a residential program, clients have access to the same types of therapies, treatment professionals, and peer community— but with increased freedom to make choices in daily life that support recovery.

How Our Outpatient Treatment Center Supports Long-Term Recovery

A residential treatment program places clients into an immersive environment, helping them focus completely for a concentrated period on the factors behind substance use and how to make different choices in the future.

However, residential care is only the first step of substance use treatment, and not every individual has the insurance coverage, finances, or freedom to participate in a residential program.

As clients go about their daily lives, the knowledge of an upcoming outpatient session provides accountability for making choices that support recovery and provides a place of relief, solace, and understanding.

Participants build relationships with their peers in an outpatient program. As trials and victories are shared in group sessions, participants are able to offer one another understanding, advice, and support.

Once the Vertava Health of Mississippi outpatient addiction treatment program comes to an end, participants are encouraged to stay connected to the community they’ve built through participation in our vibrant alumni and aftercare programs.

Learn More About Outpatient Treatment at Vertava Health of Mississippi Outpatient

Outpatient care can be the missing link that helps strengthen and build your recovery foundation. You’re never alone in your recovery journey, and at Vertava Health of Mississippi, our outpatient programs provide the support and community that can help turn your substance use recovery into a lifelong one.

Join our community today. Contact us at 888.498.2376 and ask about the outpatient substance use treatment programs offered at Vertava Health of Mississippi Outpatient.