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What Are the Benefits of Women’s Addiction Treatment?

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If you’re a woman in need of substance use disorder treatment, a women’s rehab program might provide the environment of safety and support you’re looking for. Choosing a rehab program designed specifically for women can help increase the effectiveness of your treatment and help you build a strong recovery foundation.

Vertava Health of Mississippi Outpatient understands the benefits of women’s addiction treatment. Our outpatient women’s program is designed to offer addiction treatment in a safe community of women working to overcome addiction together.

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What Is a Women’s Rehab Program?

A women’s rehab program is a course of substance use treatment designed specifically for women. When you choose an outpatient women’s rehab group, you become part of a community of women who are at similar places in their journeys to substance use recovery.

A women’s rehab program offers the opportunity to build relationships as participants grow to understand and support one another. Women’s rehab benefits are proven to produce results that can significantly increase recovery outcomes.

3 Benefits of Women’s Rehab

There are many benefits of women’s addiction treatment. Choosing a rehab designed for women provides opportunities for healing that simply aren’t present in mixed-gender groups.

1. Shared Experiences

Women often go through unique life experiences. Common examples include motherhood, workplace discrimination, and relationship challenges.

A key part of rehab is discussing life experiences and how they may have contributed to addiction. When you undergo group therapy with a group of other women, your peers are more likely to understand, sympathize, and offer constructive feedback when they have similar firsthand experiences.

Bringing your concerns, challenges, and victories to a group of women who understand where you’re coming from can make group sessions more focused and productive than they might be in a mixed-gender group.

2. Openness and Vulnerability

For rehab to be effective, participants need to open up and be vulnerable. For women, in particular, it can be challenging to discuss sensitive topics in front of men. Group therapy often involves discussing:

  • Regrets
  • Shame
  • Physical health issues
  • Mental and emotional health concerns
  • Relationship issues
  • Past traumas

Sometimes, these experiences are directly related to substance use disorders. For example, trauma related to sexual assault or abuse can be a contributing factor in addiction.

Choosing an all-female therapy environment can make it much easier to discuss challenging topics openly and honestly. If you don’t feel safe to open up in sessions, your time in rehab might not produce lasting results.

3. Recovery-Based Friendships

Building a support network is an essential aspect of early recovery. As you go through a women’s rehab program, you build relationships with your peers. Over time, participants grow to understand and care deeply about one another.

One of the greatest benefits of women’s addiction treatment is that it connects you with other women who understand you and are cheering for you to succeed in overcoming addiction. The relationships that begin in rehab can blossom into long-term friendships that help support your recovery from substance use.

Addiction can make it hard to hold onto meaningful friendships. Women’s rehab helps lay a new foundation for how you interact with the women in your life and helps you to build deeper, more meaningful relationships.

Ask About the Women’s Rehab Program at Vertava Health of Mississippi Outpatient

At Vertava Health of Mississippi Outpatient, we understand that helping women build strong relationships with other women is a powerful tool for overcoming drug and alcohol abuse. Our women’s rehab program is designed to offer a safe space for women to connect, heal, and make a lasting recovery from addiction.

Contact us today at 888.498.2376 to learn more about the women’s rehab program offered at Vertava Health of Mississippi Outpatient.