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What Is the Connection Between Mental Health and Addiction?

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Mental health conditions occur alongside addiction at a surprising rate. When you’re struggling with both mental health and substance use, consider co-occurring disorders treatment to get support for both conditions at once.

Vertava Health of Mississippi Outpatient is a leader in addiction treatment in Mississippi. We understand that addiction is often directly related to mental health concerns. We offer effective outpatient programs that address both conditions simultaneously.

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How Are Addiction and Mental Health Connected?

Drugs and alcohol have a profound impact on the brain. A person’s emotions, thoughts, and actions are all directly affected by the substances.

When it comes to understanding the connection between addiction and mental health, it’s important to know that the feedback between them can occur in both directions. Ongoing substance use can cause mental health concerns and can also worsen ones that already exist. Living with mental health conditions can make it more difficult to resist cravings and stay sober.

Addiction tends to slowly eat away at all areas of life. Physical health, relationships, standard of living, and overall quality of life all steadily go downhill the longer a person struggles with substance use. Drugs also directly impact brain chemicals and structure, making it hard for the brain to function as it should.

As a result, it’s no surprise that one of the many effects of ongoing substance use can be mental health conditions like depression or anxiety.

The Concept of Self-Medicating

It can be extremely challenging to go through life with an untreated mental health condition. Individuals in this situation often find that drinking or using drugs offers a temporary sense of relief from thoughts and feelings related to mental health struggles.

Using substances to deal with mental health concerns is such a common practice that it has a name: self-medication. Self-medicating to deal with mental health challenges may provide short-term relief. However, substance use tends to worsen mental concerns eventually and increases your chances of developing a substance use disorder.

Combined Treatment for Mental Health and Substance Abuse

When a person struggles with mental health concerns and addiction, they need a treatment program that addresses both factors. Addiction treatment without mental health support—and vice versa—fails to provide comprehensive treatment that can lead to a lasting recovery.

Co-occurring disorder treatment uses various methods to address substance use disorders and other mental health diagnoses at the same time. Individuals who enroll in a co-occurring disorder treatment program have access to therapies, mental health professionals, and medications that support all factors related to mental health and addiction recovery.

Common Mental Health Conditions That Accompany Addiction

Addiction can be accompanied by any type of mental health concern. However, certain conditions may accompany addiction at a higher rate. Some of the most common reasons to enroll in a co-occurring disorder treatment program for addiction include struggling with:

Finding the treatment program that offers the right tools can provide both relief and empowerment. Mental health concerns can be directly tied to substance use disorder. When you find a program equipped to treat your unique challenges, you have access to the resources that can effectively lead to healing and long-term recovery.

Begin Healing with Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment at Vertava Health of Mississippi Outpatient

At Vertava Health of Mississippi Outpatient, we understand the importance of addressing both mental health concerns and substance use disorder at the same time. Our co-occurring disorder treatment program provides clients with the therapies that can help them thrive.

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