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Opioid Addiction Treatment Center

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a group of people at an opioid addiction treatment center sit in a circle and listen to other members speakOpioids are a destructive, potentially deadly type of drug, and overcoming opioid use can be incredibly challenging. If you’re struggling with an addiction to opioids, a substance abuse treatment center can provide the support you need to enter a new chapter of life.

Vertava Health of Mississippi Outpatient offers premier programs designed to help individuals make a lasting recovery from opioid addiction. Call us today at 888.498.2376 for more information about the opioid use treatment programs available at our opioid addiction treatment center.

Don’t Underestimate Opioid Addiction

In addition to long-available opioids like heroin and morphine, the increased presence of the much more potent drug fentanyl has significantly added to the high rates of opioid addiction, overdose, and fatality.

Opioid addiction can happen in a few different ways. These include:

  • Recreational use of opioids
  • Recreational use of other drugs cut with opioids
  • Proper use of prescription opioid medications
  • Misuse of opioid prescriptions to reduce chronic pain

Prescription pain medications are carefully managed to reduce the number of individuals who become addicted. However, this continues to be a common outcome, especially when chronic pain is a factor.

Regardless of how a person began using opioids or which types they use, an addiction to opioids requires the support of opioid addiction treatment in Mississippi to get life back on track.

How Our Opioid Rehab Program Can Help

The opioid addiction treatment program at Vertava Health of Mississippi Outpatient is designed to help clients achieve the education, understanding, and training that can lead to a lasting recovery from opioid addiction. Our opioid addiction treatment center offers all levels of care.

A typical treatment program progresses through the following stages:

  • Detox
  • Residential program
  • Day program
  • Group therapy
  • Alumni program

Many individuals who require the services of an opioid rehab program don’t have a deep understanding of the dynamics of addiction. Education is key to building a strong recovery foundation.

During treatment, we guide clients to understand the environmental, social, mental, emotional, and physical factors that may have contributed to the development of opioid use disorder.

Our programs train coping and communication skills and support clients in building an effective relapse prevention plan to use when they leave our opioid addiction treatment center.

At the Vertava Health of Mississippi Outpatient opioid rehab center, we understand the importance of peer understanding and community support. We strongly encourage clients to stay connected to our recovery community by participating in alumni meetings and events.

Programs and Therapies We Offer

At Vertava Health of Mississippi Outpatient, we understand that every individual has a unique relationship with substance use, which means that the effectiveness of a certain type of therapy can differ widely among clients.

Vertava Health of Mississippi Outpatient offers a broad array of experiential and traditional therapies. Clients in our opioid addiction treatment program receive the benefits of treatment methods that include:

  • Motivational interviewing (MI)
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)
  • Medication-assisted treatment (MAT)
  • Relapse prevention program
  • 12-Step program education
  • Family therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Individual therapy

We know that for some individuals, mental health concerns, unique personal backgrounds, and identity factors can lead to additional challenges and considerations when it comes to effective addiction treatment.

We offer additional treatment programs designed for veterans, the LGBTQ+ community, and individuals living with co-occurring mental health concerns like depression, anxiety, and trauma.

Call the Opioid Rehab Center at Vertava Health of Mississippi Outpatient Today

Waiting until tomorrow to get help for opioid addiction is a mistake. Every dose could be your last. The compassionate staff at Vertava Health of Mississippi Outpatient is ready to answer your questions and help you through the intake process.

To learn more about opioid addiction treatment in Mississippi, contact us at 888.498.2376 and ask about the program offered at Vertava Health of Mississippi Outpatient.